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The story of Rio 40 is all about Alice and her love for cooking. She wasn't a pro chef at first, but when she met her husband, she decided to make him some tasty Brazilian dishes. And guess what? He loved them! Over time, Alice got better at cooking and discovered her true passion.


She started by selling yummy Brazilian snacks like "Coxinhas" and "Feijoada" at a school in Perth City. People loved it so much that, with the help of her husband, they came up with the idea of Rio 40 Degrees, the very first Brazilian restaurant in the heart of Perth's CBD. Through her amazing cooking, Alice found not just delicious food, but also love, family, and success.


Even though the city restaurant later closed, they didn't give up. They tried different things, like opening Rio 40 Degrees in two other places, but it didn't work out as planned. But they are fighters, and they decided to focus on something special – the famous "survival kit - marmitas."


Following that, they decided to build a food trailer using an old caravan. For around four years, Rio 40 rocked the scene at thrilling Brazilian parties and the Scarborough Sunset Markets. The trailer found its spot parked in front of the couple's residence in Duncraig.


After those extraordinary four years, the family put their heart and soul into crafting a brand-new trailer. They lovingly decorated it and brought it to life. This exciting chapter began in November 2021 at the Sunset Markets in Scarborough, where Rio 40 proudly unveiled their modern masterpiece. Rio 40 continue sharing the authentic taste of Brazil in Perth, serving up scrumptious dishes and finger foods made with fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love. 

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